Spend your dream holiday in the heart of vineyards!

We proudly present the opening of the dispersed Hotel Vinarium in Lendava surroundings – an innovative form of organization in tourism in terms of a business cooperation of a larger number of individuals (owners or managers of real estate) who together manage a dispersed hotel, and thus carry out the activity of renting. Accommodations within the dispersed hotel, as the name implies, are dispersed at different locations in the countryside, but they have a common reception, a reservation system, and a diverse local experience. An example of this creative modern practice is our Dispersed hotel Vinarium with its vineyard cottages.

Now, you can spend your vacation at the heart of wine-growing hills, and experience hospitality with no boundaries since the owners of cottages, besides giving you the key to the living quarters, trust you the key to the wine cellar as well, so that you can make any day more interesting with a glass of delicious homemade wine. You will be able to enjoy peace, think and read in these unique facilities, be left with nature and beautiful views, and take time for your loved ones. Adventure lovers have many options for hiking and cycling. You can also enjoy in pampering in the nearby spas, as long as you do not miss the excellent cuisine, sights that are part of the natural and cultural heritage, including traditional, ethnological, and other events.

Become a lord of one of the vineyard cottages positioned in a fantastic location with a breathtaking view, where you can enjoy peace and quietness, and indulge in culture, pampering and excellent cuisine. Welcome to the Hotel Vinarium!