Vinarium Festival: 17. 8. – 9. 9. 2018

The Vinarium Festival, which takes place in late August and early September, combines the traditional Lendava events, of which the most notable is the ethno-culinary event Bogračfest, each year attracting thousands of visitors from Slovenia and abroad. Visitors are intrigued by the traditional Lendava grape harvest and its varied programme, which includes a procession with the presentation of local traditions. The events that are part of the Vinarium Festival are accompanied by a rich culinary offer enriched by the excellent Lendava wines. The evening ends in a musical and entertainment programme. The festival also includes a youth programme, making the event equally interesting for the youngest of visitors.

Culinary July at Vinarium

July at Vinarium Tower is going to be culinary in the sense of offer of local food in culinary houses; langoš, Hotiza fish, homemade sausages, meat from a “tünka” and bograč of course, the most recognizable dish of Lendava, as well as the good glass of wine.

Every Saturday there is a different local food offer at Vinarium Tower. Welcome!

Bogračfest 2018 invites!

Bograč has a special place in the hearts of the locals. In the old town of Lendava, amidst the historical town houses at the foot of the picturesque Lendava vineyards, the largest competition in cooking bograč in Slovenia has been held for over a decade now. The event is actually a culinary festival, during which bograč is massively prepared in cauldrons along the main street by the competing teams. Apart from this traditional food of the wine-growing region, various other local delicacies are served: Lendava pretzels, crackling cakes, etc. Finally, this varied culinary offer brings us to winegrowers’ pride, the delicious wine sparkling in the glasses of the visitors of Bogračfest.

Bogračfest 2018 will take place on Saturday 25th August 2018.

Contact and information

Institute for Tourism and Development Lendava
T: +386 (0)2 578 83 90

Međimurje Fair at Vinarium Tower

The Croatian Cultural Association – HKD Pomurje is organising Međimurje Fair with culinary and cultural offer, June 9th 2018 from 12.00 at Vinarium Tower.

Visitor Open Day

Visitor Open Day of Lendava Beekeeper’s Association, with exhibition and beekeeper’s house opening and cultural programme: May 11th at Vinarium Tower.