5 September 2018

Festive photos

The Vinarium Festival events are still taking place, from concerts at stage Ribiški dom, castle and synagogue to photography days. We invite you to ... Preberi več »
13 August 2018

Vinarium Festival: 17. 8. – 9. 9. 2018

The Vinarium Festival, which takes place in late August and early September, combines the traditional Lendava events, of which the most notable is the... Preberi več »



When was the last you were able to see the landscapes of 4 different countries at once? The watchtower Vinarium Lendava, standing 53.3 meters tall, offers an incredible 360° view of the colorful landscape that stretches from the settlement of Lendavske gorice, where the tower proudly stands, all the way to the river basin of Mura, and encompasses a wonderful view of the plains and hills of Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, and Austria. You can reach the highest platform of the tower by a comfortable ride with the elevator or by climbing 240 steps, where you will then experience the most beautiful vantage point for many miles around. After you take in the wonderful sights, take incredible pictures and breathtaking selfies more than 50 meters above ground, we invite you back to the ground floor for aromatic local culinary delights and a taste of quality wines and juices.