St. Martin’s Day at Vinarium

We celebrate the St. Martin’s Day in a special way at a special plce – Vinarium Tower. The visitors will be able to enjoy in delicacies of the local cuisine, wine and cultural programme in a pleasant atmosphere of Vinarium.

Summer Festive Images of Lendava

Summer Festive Images of Lendava exhibition at Vinarium Tower: Miran Dominko, Biserka Sijarič, Tomaž Galič, Peter Škrilec, Mediaspeed.

You are kindly invited!

2_Miran Dominko 9_Mediaspeed 12_Mediaspeed

E-via rally

Two-day rally through two countries Austria and Slovenia with 36 electric cars. Vinarium tower is a host of a special-task-stop on 12. October between 9.15 and 10.45.

Festive photos

The Vinarium Festival events are still taking place, from concerts at stage Ribiški dom, castle and synagogue to photography days. We invite you to take a look at the photos taken from the main festive events; Bogračfest and Lendava Grape Harvest.

Vinarium Festival: 17. 8. – 9. 9. 2018

The Vinarium Festival, which takes place in late August and early September, combines the traditional Lendava events, of which the most notable is the ethno-culinary event Bogračfest, each year attracting thousands of visitors from Slovenia and abroad. Visitors are intrigued by the traditional Lendava grape harvest and its varied programme, which includes a procession with the presentation of local traditions. The events that are part of the Vinarium Festival are accompanied by a rich culinary offer enriched by the excellent Lendava wines. The evening ends in a musical and entertainment programme. The festival also includes a youth programme, making the event equally interesting for the youngest of visitors.